Places worth visiting in New Hamburg

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If you’re visiting Hamburg or are thinking about going to Hamburg for a vacation, you’d be surprised what this small town has to offer. Here are some of the best places you can go.

Mountain Oak Cheese

3165 Huron Road, New Hamburg, ON N3A 3C3

Mountainoak Cheese is a family run cheese business, using the fresh milk from their own dairy cows on their farm, they make a variety of delicious high-quality Gouda cheeses. After 5 years of operation, they’ve garnered 35 prizes, many of them on the national and international level.

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Heart n’ Home

115 Peel St., New Hamburg, ON, N3A 1E7

Heart n’ Home is a local fabric, home décor and gifts shop. They boast a very large and unique selection of goods; they’re almost always going to have something to meet any home decorator’s needs.

Nith Valley Apiaries Inc.

Nith Valley Apiaries is a honey business that has been in operation for 100 years as of 2018. They have expanded their product line to include, honeys made from different flowers, flavored cream honeys, soaps, candles, propolis, flavored honey and beeswax.

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Bitte Schon Brauhaus

68 Huron St, New Hamburg, ON, N3A 1J3, Canada

Bitte Schon Brauhaus is a microbrewery that specializes in making craft beer. They make their own flavors and are always coming out with new flavor combinations for you to try.